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The Concept Research Programme develops ways of improving the use of resources and enhancing the effects of major public investments. The principal goal of the Concept Research Programme is to develop knowledge and expertise on projects in the front-end phase, from the initial visualization until the decision to implement is made. Trailing research on large public investment projects is the main project activity. The goal is to attain better use of resources and greater effects of such investments. The Norwegian Ministry of Finance funds the programme.

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The two most recent reports in the Concept Report Series are: No. 40 on perverse incentives and counterproductive investments, and No. 41 on transport models and extreme scenarios.

We also publish ex post evaluations of investments projects, as well as working papers on different subjects. 

Most of our publications are in Norwegian only. The Concept reports have a summary available in English. Report No. 36, Lessons with the Norwegian State Project Model, is entirely in English.

You can download our publications here.

Concept International Symposium on Project Governance Print E-mail

The Concept International Symposium on Project Governance is a meeting place for key professionals in administration, practice and research to build networks and exchange experience. The event is organized by the Concept Research Programme and is held every 2nd year in Norway. Participation by invitation.

The 6th Concept Symposium was held 25-26 September 2014 at Losby Gods outside of Oslo. The theme this time was Opportunities, Decisions and their Effects. 

You can read more here.

Third framework agreement on quality assurance Print E-mail

In February 2011 the Ministry of Finance signed an agreement with five Norwegian constellations of consultants to perform external quality assurance in the planning process of major public investments. This is the third agreement of the Norwegian quality assurance scheme, and it will last throughout 2014. The content and scope of the current agreement does not differ much from the second agreement. However, some changes have been made. One of the most important changes is that the threshold has increased from NOK 500 million to NOK 750 million. You can read more about the current QA scheme here.

Student projects Print E-mail

New ideas for project and masters theses are available.  Read more  (under "For students") »